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Playing the Best Odds at Online Casinos

Whilst games come in all shapes and sizes, not all are made equal in the odds they offer as some provide much better winning options than others, with many of the biggest services like those found at Wish Casinos offering a huge range of different titles, if you’re looking to win you may be better suited to some titles more than others. So which games provide the best chances of winning, and which should be avoided if you’re hoping for a big pay-out?

Games of chance remain the most consistent – Sitting right in the middle of the road come the games of pure chance – favourites like Craps and Roulette sit firmly in here although there are some other modern titles that could qualify too. Online craps favour the random dice roll to provide a fair opportunity to all players, and roulette has a few different variations that could adjust your chances too whether you’re playing between 36 or 38 spots to roll. If you’re looking for more of a 50/50 chance, these games will certainly be the best for you.

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Slots statistically rest at the bottom – Although perhaps the most popular and the most accessible of all games both online and offline, but also statistically the worst odds for players to win too. RNG in gaming means that every reel spin is random, and whilst at one point there may have been a way to determine whether or not a machine would be close to paying out, that’s no longer the case and determining a win is no longer possible. Whilst sticking to the more traditional three-reel options can give you the best chances, most other options can reduce your chances and make it much less likely of winning.

Blackjack tops the list as statistically the best – On the other side of the coin from the slots comes blackjack as statistically the best odds of giving a pay-out – as you’re only playing against the dealer there’s no pressure compared to playing Poker for example, and with online options often being a little more favoured and leaning toward the player over the house, your chances certainly go up. With plenty of strategies to help players out and very easy to access as the game itself is simple enough, there’s opportunity for new and experienced players alike.

With a huge variety in themes and styles for these games there are often many different types of games that can offer further opportunities too, but also  changes the odds of winning too. Whilst it’s always recommended to play for fun rather than playing to win, if you’re looking to increase your chances of winning then you should stick to the games that provide the best odds of winning too.

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