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Virtual or Live Dealer Casinos? What’s the Difference?

Feeling lucky? Then you know it’s time to hit the casino. But which one should you choose to play on? There are virtual casinos and live dealer ones, but what exactly is the difference between them?

Real-time dealers

There’s nothing quite like playing at a real-life casino. From the atmosphere to the sounds and smells, it’s an experience that can’t be replicated online. However, not everyone has easy access to a gambling establishment.

Live dealer casinos take some of those elements and bring them into your home. Real people – usually beautiful women along with some men- deal cards or spin roulette wheels while gamblers place bets via their computer or smartphone.

Through HD streaming, players can watch live dealers from either a studio or actual casino in real time, see others’ bets through digital overlays, and interact with other users through chat boxes so it’s almost as if they were there.

While live dealer games still use random number generation (RNG) technology seen in standard online casinos at their core, video overlays allow for bettors to feel like they’re working directly with human beings instead of just a programmed algorithm as well as hear dealers discuss anything from what happened last night at dinner or how many glasses of wine they’ve had today! They even offer different languages depending on what country you’re playing from!

HD Streaming

In order to provide clear speech when talking about who will win within a round once all cards have been dealt out or the wheel has spun around full circle enough times – let alone stream horse races where every little movement needs perfect clarity in order determine how far ahead your chosen jockey may be- HD streaming is critical. Smoother and faster internet connections required by high-definition videos also help increase download speeds making watching movies that much more enjoyable during these strange times when going out isn’t always an option anymore!

However, better than watching a movie, it helps gamblers feel like they’re on the floor of a real casino with live dealers dealing out cards from an actual deck and chips being tossed around by other players at their tables – even if they’re sitting on their couch wearing pajamas.


When choosing to play online rather than in person, slots and RNG table games are not your only options. Casinos have been adding live dealer games which allow users to interact with people who are dressed up as croupiers while trying their luck at blackjack or baccarat since 2003! Some places also offer poker through virtual reality headsets so you can really get up close and personal without any of the risk associated with face-to-face interaction!

But the variety doesn’t stop there. Even if you prefer traditional methods over new age technology, thousands of different slot titles (from classics such as Double Diamond Slot Machine all the way up to new hits like Mega Moolah Isis Slot) plus classic table games found in every casino including craps, roulette or Pai Gow Poker should keep anyone entertained for hours after hours until they hit a jackpot big enough to get them away from here forever – unless used responsibly which we always encourage!

When you’re playing at an online casino, there are two main ways the game can operate. In one method, a random number generator quickly makes decisions about what should happen in each round. But in the other, a human dealer handles all of that on their end.

I’m sure you can guess which one is more trustworthy and exciting for players!

Live dealer casinos have become popular for this reason. They offer a way to get the social aspect back into gambling without having to go to a physical location. It’s not quite the same as being face-to-face with your fellow gamblers, but live chat functionality lets you keep up your smack talk and friendly banter just fine.

It’s also much more transparent when it comes to winning or losing money. Being able to watch an actual dealer handle cards or spin wheels gives people peace of mind that they aren’t participating in some kind of scam.

To make things even better, certain sites even have VR/AR technology available so that visitors can feel like they’re playing in a real casino environment! Talk about taking advantage of what machines can do these days.

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