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10 Legendary Poker Players Who Changed the Game Forever

Poker players with legendary status are remembered long after they’ve left us, whether that be through tournament wins or their off-felt legacy. Such legendary figures will continue to live on through future generations of poker fans.

From Doyle Brunson to Phil Hellmuth, these 10 Legendary Poker Players Who Revolutionized the Game have had an immense impact on shaping it as a popular card game.

1. Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is a titan in the poker game, an unmatched tournament champion with numerous victories under his belt. A great example of how to combine skill with unrelenting drive for success, Daniel represents everything that defines success.

Doyle Brunson was one of the premier poker figures. Known as Texas Dolly, he won ten World Series of Poker bracelets to cement his legacy and his book titled “Super System” revolutionized strategy – it should be read by any serious poker enthusiast.

2. Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey, commonly referred to as No Home Jerome, is considered the Tiger Woods of poker. With millions in winnings under his belt and one of the most advanced gamblers around today.

He devotes over 90 hours a week to live high stakes poker, frequently reaching final tables in major online tournaments and boasting 10 World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour titles to his name.

3. Doyle Brunson

Brunson found solace in poker after suffering a broken leg forced him out of basketball; using his early World Series of Poker victories he used them as the basis of the 1978 book Super/System, providing generations of players with expert insights from an experienced pro.

He brought old-school authenticity to shows such as ‘High Stakes Poker,’ making his jousting with the young guns engaging viewing. Even into his 80s he remained competitive, winning a legends event in 2004 and his 10th World Series of Poker bracelet in 2005.

4. Erik Seidel

Erik Seidel is a legendary poker figure who pioneered its development from basements into casinos. He won multiple WSOP bracelets and wrote one of the earliest books on strategy for poker players.

He gained fame through his runner-up finish against Johnny Chan at the World Series of Poker Main Event. That final hand is now part of poker history after it was featured in the movie Rounders.

5. Phil Hellmuth

Hellmuth has cemented himself into poker history as one of its most celebrated figures. Additionally, he is a New York Times best-selling author, investor, and philanthropist.

He has amassed 14 World Series of Poker bracelets – an unprecedented record – including winning the 1989 WSOP main event and opening up competition for foreign players who believe they could compete equally on an equal playing field.

6. Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan remains a humble individual despite his fame, spending most of his time with family and regularly running several kilometers for health purposes.

Chan has left an indelible mark on the Asian American poker community, shattering stereotypes and inspiring aspiring players to pursue their goals.

Chan won the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event in 1987 by defeating 151 competitors and banking $625,000. He repeated his success by taking down another Main Event title the next year – this time winning an additional $625,000 payout!

7. Ted Forrest

Ted Forrest is a six-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner best known for his unconventional playing style and expertise in mixed games – an area in which he consistently places highly among WSOP Player of the Year candidates.

He was one of four competitors on Poker Superstars to reach the quarter-finals, as well as an experienced high-stakes gambler known for making and losing big sums of money on craps tables as well as running marathon bets.

8. Chris Moneymaker

Moneymaker remains a highly-recognizable face in poker for two decades after his historic win at the WSOP Main Event, showing how it can be enjoyed both for enjoyment and moneymaking purposes.

Moneymaker’s journey from poverty to riches inspired amateur players worldwide to take up poker both online and live; his 2003 victory is widely credited with sparking the poker boom.

9. Brian Hastings

No one better demonstrated this principle than legendary poker players like Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu and Johnny Chan who left lasting legacies that continue to impact the game and serve as inspiration to future generations.

Brian Hastings may not have won a World Series of Poker bracelet, but his resume speaks for itself. Not only has he excelled as a tournament specialist, but also in high stakes online cash games and non-hold’em games such as PLO.

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