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Baccarat – The Game of High Rollers Demystified

Baccarat is an elegant, luxurious game that appeals to players who place importance on an exquisite experience. This can be partially explained by its low house edge and game structure which allow newcomers equal chances of victory as experienced ones.

Played using eight decks of cards dealt from a shoe by a croupier, cards are valued according to how they appear; totals that exceed 10 are subtracted 10 points.


Baccarat is a game which demands patience and discipline. Before beginning to play, it’s essential that you set out a budget which you stick with no matter if your winning or losing.

Practice betting strategies before playing for real money to familiarise yourself with the game and understand how the odds change during rounds.

Baccarat requires two cards be distributed for both banker and player hands, with only the rightmost digit counted; if a hand exceeds 9, an extra card must be drawn.


If you’re in search of an easy and rewarding table game, baccarat may be just what’s needed. Boasting an extremely low house edge and the opportunity to bet on player hands, banker hands, or ties; certain tables also allow additional betting options such as pairing or perfect pair bets.

Goal in baccarat is to win by betting on the hand you think will total closer to nine than its opponent. Cards are dealt from a multi-deck shoe with seven to 14 seats available for participants, face cards and 10s counting as no points and aces counting as 1. Any total over nine will have 10 subtracted from it; therefore it is wise to set yourself a budget before beginning to play baccarat so as not to get carried away by its excitement.


Baccarat comes in numerous variations worldwide. While some casinos use ten-deck shoes and others utilize various betting systems, EZ baccarat allows players to simultaneously place player and banker bets at once; additional features such as Panda 8, which pays out 25-1 upon winning high 8, or Dragon 7, which pays 1-1 upon making three card 7 wins by banker are also included in its gameplay.

Paroli System focuses on positive progression by doubling your bet after every win and returning it back to its initial size after losses. Before beginning a session of baccarat, set an amount that you wish to spend and stick to that budget – this way you won’t become tempted to chase losses, spending more than intended.


History of baccarat can be complex and twisty, yet most historians agree it originated in Italy. Tarrocchi (or one of its variants) shares similarities with modern baccarat while other games such as Macao or Le Her may have had an influence as well.

Although baccarat has an impressive past, its modern day popularity can be traced to James Bond and luxury casinos across the US. It’s easy to understand why James Bond might find baccarat appealing; as it’s an elegant game associated with upper society. Additionally, nine may play an integral part – after all it was once used as a spiritual marker during Roman vestal virgin tests where eight or nine rolls indicated that a girl survived in order to become a high priestess.

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