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Where Are the Largest Casinos in the World?

The largest casino in the world is not a particularly difficult task to accomplish. In fact, it can be easier than most people imagine. Just think about all the casinos that exist in the United States. Each one of them has the potential to be the largest, but only two have actually been, and those are Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The two casinos that have played host to the largest casinos are Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Now let’s look at what makes them so big, since you could probably figure out for yourself which is which if you looked at the numbers.

Vegas is the only casino that actually has a full casino floor dedicated to playing video poker. This means that every casino that exists in Las Vegas has more square footage devoted to playing a video poker game than you could walk around the entire United States of America and still not touch the ground at least one time. This is in addition to the multiple gambling floors that Vegas also has, which includes gaming floor, bars, restaurants, and showrooms. It’s a truly amazing feat of engineering.

Similarly, Atlantic City is also the only casino where you will find more than one casino floor. It’s just a matter of looking up and noticing the different areas that they have. Atlantic City casinos are housed in different buildings and each one of them is set up differently. For example, there are multiple gambling floors where they are not connected to one another. There are also multiple showrooms that house all the different games that they offer. You will also see that there is a separate casino with separate card tables and different tables where the slot machines are located.

These two locations in the United States have allowed these cities to become two of the most iconic locations of American Dream. These cities are so popular with tourists and gamblers that each year they attract nearly a million and a half visitors. Of course, many of these gamblers are there to play a game of chance and to win money and this is where the real money comes in.

The next largest casinos in the world are those in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. They have almost half the number of square footage as the largest of the three locations. Their four casino floors each consist of their own separate room and each one of them is devoted to one or more of the different games. The two video poker rooms are part of a separate floor, as well as the two restaurants.

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