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Using the Paroli Betting System for Online Betting

Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician active in the 1600s, originated the positive progression model that the Paroli system uses. Pascal is also the brain behind the roulette wheel, which he invented by accident as he tried to come up with a perpetual motion machine.

The Paroli system is perfect for players just starting out playing real money games at Jumba Bet casino or betting at one of the many excellent bookmakers available online. It’s easy to learn and helps you avoid big losses.

Getting to Know the Paroli Betting System

The Paroli system is based on positive progression, and gamblers use it because it features small stakes and steadily improves the probability of winning. Also, the risk of losing is substantially lowered. If you win a bet, you double your stake. If you lose, you keep your stake at the same amount.

This system is mainly used with casino games and by sports bettors on games and events with betting odds as close as possible to 50/50. Because the strategy involves doubling the bet after each win, players use their winnings to make the next bet and will have to start with a fairly significant bankroll or bet using the recommended percentage of it.

Paroli Betting System Variants

As experts delve ever deeper into this betting scheme, more variants of it naturally emerge, giving a different approach to the same essential model:

Inverted Paroli

The structure of the Inverted Paroli betting system is very similar to the Martingale strategy. It focuses more on losses than it does wins, so if you lose your stake, you’ll double your next bet to cover the loss of the first. Because wins indicate profit, there’s no need to increase the size of your stake.

Extended Paroli

The Extended Paroli betting system emphasises gains to outweigh any losses incurred. However, it depends only on how much you want to stake. It covers bigger bets, but other than that, you follow the standard Paroli procedure, doubling up when you win and reverting to your initial bet amount when you lose.

How to Use the Paroli Method in Sports Betting

Follow these simple rules to start using the Paroli betting system the next time you play a casino game or find a sports event that you’re interested in betting on:

  • Decide on Your Base Stake

Decide on how much you want to start your betting cycle with. When you’re choosing the size of your unit, take into account how much your total bankroll is. Stick to betting between 1% and 5% of this.

  • Double Your Bet After Each Win

Every time you win during your betting cycle, you’ll need to increase the amount of your bet by 2x.

  • Stop Doubling Your Bet After Three Successive Wins

After you’ve won your bets three times, revert to your base stake. Probability tells us that winning a bet after three successful ones is more difficult.

  • Keep to Your Base Stake When You Lose

When you lose a bet, your next one should be at the value of your initial stake.

The Paroli System Applied to Sports Betting

Any sporting event with real money has even bets available that constitute a 50/50 chance, making them perfect for the Paroli system. The sport in question will need to be straightforward and have a clear-cut outcome. Good examples of sports that suit the Paroli betting system include basketball, football, rugby, and tennis.

But they must have the qualities required for the Paroli system, and you’ll need to follow the Paroli process to the letter. The higher the decimal odds, the lower your stake can be to potentially break even. When the odds are lower, you’ll need to bet more to break even.

Let’s take, for example, a football match between Manchester United and Bayern München. Let’s say you’re betting $2 on Bayern München to score first. If this ends up happening, your next bet will be $4. If, however, Manchester United get the first goal, your next bet will stay at $2.

Other Uses of The Paroli System

Many players at online casinos favour the Paroli system, most notably with roulette games. It can also be used in games like craps, pai gow poker, and blackjack.

In roulette, for example, if you bet a single number, do so with between 1% and 5% of your total bankroll. If your bet is, say, $10, and it wins, your next bet will be $20. But if you lose, you keep betting $10. The same approach applies to the third bet, depending on the outcome of the second one.

In blackjack games, you’ll bet a single unit on your hand, for example, $5. If you win, your next bet will be $10. If you win that hand, your following bet will be $20. But no matter what happens with the third bet, you’ll revert to a single betting unit, in this case, $5, for the fourth hand. This is because winning streaks of three are probable, but anything more than that is very unlikely.

Bear in mind, however, that the Paroli betting system doesn’t allow for doubling down or splitting, so, when you’re more experienced at the blackjack table, set it aside. More experienced players need to maximise both of these game actions.

Final Words

The Paroli system is one of the easiest ones to learn, and you don’t need an enormous bankroll to use it properly. Simply put, a stake win results in an increase of 2x your bet, while a loss keeps the stake amount the same.

It’s an appealing option for players and bettors who want to test out various betting strategies, but its intricacies must be understood before attempting to use it. It must only be used in 50/50 scenarios, for example.

Betting is a game of probabilities at the end of the day, and no system can guarantee a definite outcome. It can only maximise your gains when you win. The house always has the upper hand, so bet only with extra money that won’t affect you if you lose.

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