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The Most Unusual Casino Games From Around the World

Most gamblers are familiar with traditional casino games such as slot machines, roulette, blackjack and baccarat; however, certain regions and casinos provide unique gaming options that may surprise.

South America boasts a variety of engaging casino games, from Argentina’s Pano to Mexico’s Chinchon card game and Belgium’s Birdsong game – which involves betting on caged birds singing for players individually – which has quickly become one of the most popular betting options among gamblers in South America.

South America

Gambling games take many forms, from classic casino offerings like blackjack and roulette to novel wagering options such as virtual reality gaming. But sometimes casinos go too far by creating unusual games with little meaning or purpose – or are just plain strange!

Argentinans can play Pano, similar to baccarat and requiring both strategy and skill, while Puerto Rica offers its more traditional gambling game known as Pica Horse Racing at fairs or other events.

South American casinos feature many familiar casino games, such as single zero roulette and baccarat, Tod Und Leben poker variant, Brazil’s Chinchon poker variation and Tod und Leben bingo variant. One of the more unusual casino games available in South American casinos is called Tic-tac-toe Chicken played by actual birds in Atlantic City casinos; it has caused controversy due to animal rights activists raising concerns of animal cruelty and exploitation.


Asia has long been known for its unique forms of gambling games. Not only can they be exciting and enjoyable to play, but these gambling options often teach players about local cultures as well. Many even offer affordable buy-in options to accommodate gamblers of any budget.

One of the most renowned Asian casino games, baccarat is one of the most beloved forms of gaming in cities like Macau. A pure form of luck-based gambling, this form has quickly become a favorite with Asian gamblers.

As another Asian casino game, Fang Tian is a Chinese dice game played with coins. A dealer covers up the coin pieces with something, then starts separating them with a long stick; if a player bets correctly they win a prize! Furthermore, Andar Bahar uses two boxes and gamblers bet on which box the joker will land in.


Traditional casino games like blackjack and poker may be familiar to most, but there are many unusual forms of gambling as well. From betting on the decisions of gerbils to playing tic-tac-toe with chickens – casinos constantly seek ways to engage their customers while keeping them entertained!

Though these unusual casino games might not appeal to everyone’s taste, they can provide an entertaining and unique way of passing time while waiting to win big at roulette or blackjack tables. Games such as Dreidel – traditionally associated with Chanukah but now found in American casinos – and Fan chan, an ancient Chinese gambling game where money passes from person to person using any small objects at hand are some examples. Other examples include Big Six Wheel and belote – two French card games available through European online casinos accepting MasterCard as payment options.


Casinos are always seeking new ways to keep their players entertained, which explains the wide array of casino games on offer today – many are extremely unique and unusual, demanding skill while some just plain weird!

Rodent roulette (sometimes referred to as mouse or rat race roulette) is one of the more unusual casino games. A croupier spins an altered roulette wheel before two rats are released onto it and players bet on which hole they think the animal will land in. If successful, an instant payout awaits them!

An odd casino game offered in Atlantic City casinos is “tic-tac-toe chicken”, similar to naughts and crosses; players who can beat Ginger (a computerised opponent of this game), could win up to $10,000 by beating her. Unfortunately, animal rights activists have voiced criticism against such uses of live animals for this particular casino game.

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