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The Top 10 Biggest Jackpots in Casino History

Slots is one of the most beloved forms of gambling and it doesn’t take much luck or skill to win big in slot machines. Here are the 10 largest jackpots in casino history:

These wins demonstrate how luck can play a big part in slots gaming, but practice and hard work must also play their parts for maximum results.

1. Megabucks 2003

Megabucks slot machine was responsible for awarding one of the highest casino jackpots ever won back in 2003 – an extraordinary win which changed multiple lives at once.

Unfortunately, not all Megabucks winners had the best of fortune once they hit the jackpot and some even lost everything after winning it all.

That is why many casinos prohibit their employees from playing the in-house machines, but that does not deter them from trying their luck at winning big prize if possible. Even if they don’t, chances are good they could still strike it lucky and win something big if their luck holds out!

2. Mega Moolah 2013

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah jackpot slot has long been one of the most beloved and sought-after progressive jackpot games online casino, having debuted back in 2006. Even today it remains among one of the most sought-after progressive jackpot titles available to players.

It features an enjoyable jungle theme complete with monkeys, zebras and lions as well as African safari music.

This game is extremely straightforward and accessible, featuring minimum bets – even just 25p per spin! Additionally, its top encryption secures mobile playability.

This five reel, twenty-five payline online slot game has proven itself an international favorite and awarded some of the largest jackpots ever seen in casino slot gaming history.

3. Megabucks 2005

Megabucks is a progressive slot machine that collects small amounts from each wager made and sets aside the proceeds towards an ever-increasing prize pool, giving rise to multimillion dollar wins since its introduction in 2005.

In 2003, a 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles won an amazing $39.7 million Megabucks jackpot – then the highest ever jackpot win worldwide at that time.

In 2013, a British soldier from Crewe won an astonishing PS13.2 Million jackpot on Mega Moolah at Betway with only 25p invested! His fortune truly took off.

4. Megabucks 2000

Megabucks progressive jackpot system starts out at $10 Million and increases until someone claims it. To win it, three Megabucks symbols must appear on any one pay line.

The system is linked to thousands of slot machines across hundreds of Nevada casinos and offers only minimal chances of winning; typically winning occurs only three or four times each year since its introduction.

But winning a Megabucks jackpot can alter people’s lives profoundly; often making the winner the unofficial head of their household or altering relationships by giving a multi-millionaire a new status within relationships.

5. Mega Fortune 2000

Are you in search of an ambitious slot that promises big returns? Look no further than Mega Fortune. Offering three progressive jackpots – with its Mega Jackpot being the biggest and often paying out millions each year.

To maximize your odds at landing one of these massive prizes, it is necessary to land three bonus symbols on reels 3-5. When this occurs, a bonus game is activated allowing you to spin the Wheel of Fortune in hopes of finding big winnings!

6. Megabucks 1998

Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s most celebrated casinos and has witnessed some truly staggering jackpot wins, which saw lucky winners walk away with millions in winnings and transform their lives forever.

In 1998, a retired flight attendant from Las Vegas who was then 67 years old hit the Megabucks machine at Palace Station and won $27.5 million, at that time the largest slot jackpot ever in casino history.

7. Megabucks 1998

The Megabucks game is the world’s biggest jackpot slot machine. First introduced in Nevada by International Game Technology (IGT) in March 1986, its base jackpot of $1 million and odds of winning it are one in 6,991,908. Three times it was increased to $10 million before finally reaching $20,591,025. Although multiple individuals have won this jackpot since 1986, no one has died as a result of winning it; although one rumor suggests a young man killed himself after winning. This remains unconfirmed.

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