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Technology Changing the Face of Gambling

The past decade has been extremely impactful for the changing gambling industry as the launch of the various different app marketplaces back in 2008 brought a great number of opportunities to a wider audience as online gambling entered the mobile market, and whilst many casinos are still limited to websites in particular, many betting sites not on gamstop have found a huge amount of success through different app solutions showing just how important changing tech has been, but this had just been one small step – what other tech could be changing the face of gambling in the near future?

VR and AR are already having an impact – For a number of years now, gaming has been posed with the question of just how extended reality can change the market as a whole – mobile players were met with perhaps one of the most successful integrations back in 2016 when the popular game of Pokémon GO took the summer by storm and shown just how successful good integration of extended reality could be. Online gambling and particularly casinos have been a target since then, with suggestions that it could bring a more casino like experience to the home by using virtual reality to create an experience to match, and whilst some have already introduced a small version of this, none are yet to do anything to big – not just yet at least.

Crypto and blockchain could lead to huge changes too –Most online services have already integrated crypto currency as both a deposit and withdrawal method as it has become more stable and the larger coins value has only started to increase, and whilst there’s a lot of uncertainty around crypto as a whole it will likely be something that remains with these online spaces – blockchain could make a huge different though, blockchain technologies have been suggested to be something to add more transparency and security to the way online payments are handled or even how online services are delivered, and there may be an opportunity for online gambling services to use the technology to dramatically improve the services they offer.

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A variety of live options – Players will have certainly become accustomed to the growing presence of things like live dealers for a number of different games as they’ve quickly risen to become one of the most popular online casino services, but opportunities extend outward from there with things like live stream which have also become popular for some content creators on different platforms too – given online gambling had been somewhat difficult to market in the past, having those willing to play games live has certainly helped, and the technology may only help to continue growing online gambling presence and the many services that are represented under them.

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